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4 October 2023

Gruhas Aspire Onboards Six Startups For Its Second Cohort

Gruhas Fund, DLF Family Office and Anthill Ventures under its proptech accelerator program unveil its second cohort which includes Ambiator, Breathe ESG, Earth Fokus, Openhaus, Slice and Zerotouch

5 October, 2023

Here Are The Six Startups That Made It To Gruhas ASPIRE’s Second Proptech Cohort

Proptech accelerator Gruhas ASPIRE (Accelerating Sustainable Proptech in Real Estate) has selected six startups including Breathe ESG as part of its second annual cohort.

June 24, 2023

100X.VC Invests $3.4 Million in 22 Startups, including Breathe ESG

Portfolio companies introduced at Mumbai's VC Pitch Day, attended by 400+ investors including HNIs, Family Offices, and Corporations.

24 Jun, 2023

100X.VC Fuels 22 Start-ups with $3.4M Funding, Highlighting Breathe ESG Among Promising Ventures

Allocating $160K into each startup, the event garnered the presence of approximately 400 investors, including High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, Venture Capital Funds, and Corporations.

26 June, 2023

100X.VC Funds 22 Start-ups with Innovative iSAFE Notes

Mumbai-based 100X.VC, an Indian venture capital fund using iSAFE notes, empowers 22 startups through Class 09, prominently featuring Breathe ESG.

20 June, 2023

Chrysalis Services and Breathe ESG Join Forces to Transform Sustainability Management

Chrysalis Services collaborates with Breathe ESG, offering a tech-driven platform for streamlined sustainability measurement, management, and reporting.