ESG in the Manufacturing Industry


ESG in the Manufacturing Industry

The mining industry in India is undergoing a transformative phase, and must adapt to changing societal and technological trends. ESG considerations have now become a minimum operating standard, with increased focus from both the investors and the stakeholders associated with the respective projects. This whitepaper explores the importance of ESG in the mining industry and highlights key trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Key Highlights

  • Investors place significant importance on decarbonization and financial performance, with mining companies that have higher ESG ratings outperforming the market (PwC).
  • Key opportunities include cost savings, better access to resources and funding, amplified client retention rates, talent attraction and retention and enhanced stakeholder relationships.
  • The mining industry in India is experiencing a growing focus on ESG issues, with more than double ESG mentions in company filings since 2018.(GlobalData).
  • The industry faces numerous challenges as well, including limited data accessibility, voluntary reporting frameworks, and a high risk of illegal mining activities.

Through various case studies of top rated Indian companies in the metals and mining sector, we shed light on their commitment to ESG practices and their efforts to achieve sustainability goals and reemphasize on the importance of adopting strong ESG practices. Critical minerals such as copper, lithium, nickel, cobalt among others, are essential components in today's rapidly growing clean energy technologies. This whitepaper details how ESG practice scan pave the way for the Indian mining industry to adapt and meet the challenges posed by the era of “critical minerals.”

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