August 24, 2023

ESG in Plastics and Polymer Sector

The plastics industry is at a pivotal juncture due to increasing environmental awareness and evolving stakeholder expectations. This whitepaper delves into the vital role of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations in ensuring the industry's sustainable success and transformation.

Key Highlights

  • The plastics industry faces various environmental and social challenges including
    GHG emissions, Resource intensiveness, Plastic pollution, Particulate matter emissions
  • Addressing these challenges can lead to improved sustainability and business growth.
  • Benefits of integrating ESG considerations in business decisions include cost savings, enhanced reputation, risk mitigation, increased investor attraction and regulatory compliance.
  • Decarbonisation, exploring alternatives, increasing energy efficiency, adopting renewable energy are some of the key sustainability initiatives being implemented by companies in the industry.

With regulatory pressures intensifying and consumer preferences shifting towards eco-friendly alternatives, plastics companies stand to gain from proactive measures. It outlines how proactive ESG integration enables plastics companies to stay ahead of regulations, minimising legal risks, financial liabilities, and potential reputational damage.

Through case studies, the whitepaper offers practical insights into how plastics companies can embark on an ESG-driven transformation journey. By fostering a culture of ESG responsibility, plastics industry leaders can position themselves for long-term success in an era defined by sustainability imperatives.

Download a PDF here