February 26, 2024

ESG in the Pharmaceutical Sector

In a post-pandemic world, the pharmaceutical sector is undergoing a paradigm shift by embracing ESG principles at its core. Beyond its historical focus on life-saving medications, the industry is increasingly aligning with broader sustainability goals.

Key Highlights

  • Majority of pharmaceutical industry leaders believe it is most important to address and minimise the environmental impact of the sector.
  • Some major industry trends include improved ESG reporting and governance, water and waste management, AMR and pollution containment, affordable medication, supply chain sustainability and emissions reduction to achieve carbon neutrality.
  • ESG adoption can lead to benefits including cost savings, risk mitigation, access to capital, improved investor and customer relations, enhanced brand reputation and regulatory compliance.

This white paper aims to shed light on how ESG considerations intersect with and influence the Indian pharmaceutical industry towards a positive change. The pharmaceutical industry's adoption of ESG principles not only addresses critical global challenges but also enhances operational efficiency, attracts investors, and elevates brand reputation in an ESG-focused business landscape. As the sector navigates these changes, it is poised to become a transformative force for sustainable growth.

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