ESG in Global Real Estate


ESG in Global Real Estate

In recent years, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) consideration shave gained significant prominence across industries as companies recognize their potential to drive sustainable growth and mitigate risks. ESG integration in real estate offers a dual benefit of enhancing financial performance while contributing to a sustainable future. This whitepaper delves into the critical inter section of ESG principles and the real estate industry, highlighting the compelling benefits and strategies for risk mitigation and effective implementation.

Key Highlights

  • Properties with strong ESG performance tend to experience improved asset resilience, higher rental and resale values, and reduced operational costs.
  • Key focus areas of ESG implementation being adopted by companies globally are, improved ESG reporting, reducing embodied emissions, energy efficiency and provision of affordable housing.
  • Hybrid buildings, Prop Tech and social investments are some of the main future prospects for the industry with respect to ESG.

This whitepaper can serve as a practical guidance for real estate companies looking to adopt ESG principles. It explores a range of strategies such as eco friendly design, sustainable construction, energy efficiency measures, promoting social cohesion, affordable housing, and well-being amenities. It also sheds light on the major reporting frameworks and certifications and how they benefit the industry. Real-world case studies that illustrate the challenges faced by the industry and strategies to overcome and the blueprint to successful ESG implementation, across various property types and regions.

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