Best ESG software in India

Comprehensive ESG reporting

Make informed decisions with real-time ESG reporting across multiple frameworks like GRI, SASB, BRSR, WEF, CDP, TCFD, and many more. Our ESG reporting software provides facilities like stakeholder engagement, multiple framework integration, enhanced financial performance, regulatory compliance, and much more and navigates towards a sustainable and informed future.

Best ESG tool in India
Best esg management software India

Materiality Assessment

Prioritize and comprehend your important sustainability challenges by using materiality assessment tools. This tool will help categorize your ESG concerns for immediate action. The materiality assessment process involves gathering information, soliciting input, and analyzing data to determine which ESG factors are most significant and require disclosure in sustainability reports.

Data management dashboard

Get a clean and accessible way to navigate through ESG metrics. Simplify your data journey with our data management dashboard that provides real-time insights into your ESG metrics. Delve deep into specific ESG metrics with our drill-down functionalities to influence better performance.

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Robust data security

Robust data security

Ensuring the security of your data is our utmost priority. Safeguard your valuable information through the utilization of our ESG SaaS Tool, which adheres to ISO, GDPR, and SOC2 standards. We are dedicated to upholding strong data security protocols, giving you confidence in the privacy and accuracy of your data.